The all-new User Interface
for WordPress

Built for non-tech users such as painters, plumbers, store-owners and soccer moms. 


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You don’t need to be a mechanic to drive a car. And you don’t need technical skills to create a WordPress site with SwiftySite. Because SwiftySite is a like a layer on top of WordPress, hiding some of the confusing stuff and simplifying the stuff you use most. Think of SwiftySite as a car that has WordPress as the engine. Sure, you can pop the hood and have a look at the engine. But you don’t have to. 

Imagine for a moment that designing, creating and maintaining a WordPress website is as easy as sending an email or updating your Facebook status… Now that would be something, wouldn’t it? We have simplified the way you design your site, create and manage pages and the way you fill those pages with content. All in a smart, time-saving and easy way.

Think of SwiftySite as a car that has WordPress as the engine.


Swifty Site Designer

1 Theme. 1 Million Designs.


Imagine a website as a collection of area’s. Such as the topbar, header, sidebar and footer. This part of SwiftySite allows you to define the size, background, position and styling of each of those areas. The combinations are endless. You have maximum freedom to create any design. That’s why Swifty Site Designer is not an ordinary theme. It’s more like a theme generator.



Swifty Page Manager

Manage your WordPress pages. Like a BOSS.


WordPress handles the pages of your website like blog posts. You can order them alphabetically, by date, by author or by number of responses. Nice for blog posts. Not so much for website pages. Swifty Page Manager shows you how the pages of your WordPress site are positioned and related to each other in a clear pagetree overview. Now you can easily add and delete pages. And move them around the pagetree with drag-and-drop. Create the main navigation menu in no time.



Swifty Content Creator

See your site as your visitors see it.

While you’re editing.


This fresh and modern front-end editor is powerful. Yet humble. Its main user interface is located at the bottom of your screen. This allows your site to be the hero. And for you to work free of distractions.


There are no popups in which you type your text. You no longer have to switch back and forth between edit mode and preview mode to see the effect of what you are creating. You can simply type, or drag-and-drop stuff, in the page. And actually see what you are doing. The way your visitors will see it. There is so much goodness and cleverly designed stuff built in this visual, true what-you-see-is-what-you-REALLY-get front-end editor. We can’t wait to show you.



“These plugins – although they can be used stand-alone – are designed to

re-enforce each other.”



– Chris Vermeulen, Swifty


Super powers

within reach

Unlock the full benefits of all Swifty plugins working closely together.


In the Site Designer for example, you can define where certain area’s, like the header, need to be shown. In the Content Creator you can create multiple versions of each area (like footer, header, sidebar, etc). And you can decide for each page if an area must be shown and which variant. This way you can create the perfect page for your blog, product page or landing page.

Than in the Page Manager you can re-use an that perfect page you made when you add a new page. This is a huge time saver when you have a set of pages in your site that need to look the same. Like blog pages. Or product pages. The Site Designer Theme will automatically generate the main site navigation menu from the pagetree. But only when you have the Page Manager plugin installed.

These plugins are designed to re-enforce each other.

Buy zero.

Get four free.


Get the SwiftySite plugin for free. And let that auto-install the others. Also for free. With this one plugin you will get easy access to the whole Swifty suite of plugins and theme. Just look for the SwiftySite plugin in the WordPress.org repository or the plugins page of your website. Unlock the special super powers that come with this powerful combination.

Go Pro


SwiftySite is a free toolkit for the WordPress professional. Deliver basic websites to clients .


Go Easy


Entrepreneurs like the ease of use of a sitebuilder, combined with the full power of WordPress. Some have even called it “Wix for WordPress”.

We’ve spent a lot of time at WP Meetups and WordCamps talking to freelancers and designers who work at agencies. We learned that there is a huge market for ‘entry-level’ websites. Let’s say in the 500-1000$ range. SwiftySite enables you to create entry-level websites fast, easy and most importantly: profitably. In only a few hours, you can create a site in the Advanced mode of SwiftySite. Then lock all (or some) of the content and hide WP-admin. Then hand over the site to the client who smoothly takes over and works in Swifty Easy mode. No need to TRY and explain WP-admin. No more phonecalls that something broke down and you need to fix it. Learn more about how SwiftySite can help you as a WP Pro by checking the indiviual product pages.

SwiftySite simplifies WordPress to such an extent that you hardly ever have to see that confusing WP-admin dashboard again. It truly empowers you to create a stunning website. Fast. Easy. And for Free. Use cleverly designed presets of content that you can add to your site’s pages with a single click. Then edit them to perfection. Or insert complete page layouts to save time.


Need something special? No worries. SwiftySite if fully 2-way compatible with WordPress. Just ask a WordPress Pro to do that one special thing for you. And then continue working on your site. Like the Boss you are. Just install the SwiftySite plugin and we’ll setup the rest for you.

Unlock super powers

that come with this powerful combination.

Find SwiftySite in the plugin page of your WordPress site. Or go to the SwiftySite Plugin page on WordPress.org.

Or download the Plugin zipfile here.




This whole page is created with SwiftySite.