Our vision of the future


Swifty Story

We want local entrepreneurs, businesses, shops, clubs and organisations world wide to thrive, excell and be successful at what they do so that they can add value and benefits to their local communities, making this world a better place for all.


“We are here to provide entrepreneurs and volunteers with all the tools, advice, tips, strategies and a supportive community they need, to succesfully present themselves to, and engage with, their target audience online so that their businesses and organisations will thrive and excell at what they do, adding value and benefits to their local communities and making the world a better place along the way.”

Swifty Company Values

This is what we believe.

How we act flows from this.


We believe that if we focus on creating an insanely great experience for our clients, empowering them to successfully present themselves online and succesfully engage with their audience in a fun and easy way, they will reward us for that. A company that shifts it’s focus from the client to profits will eventually end up hurting their clients. We will never do that.

Do what you love and love what you do

If it feels like hard work, you’re doing the wrong thing. Maximise your natural strengths and do the stuff that you are good at. Leave what you are not good at to others. This will be more fun and even energizing. Do what you love (what you are good at) and you will automatically love what you do. And others around you as well as the clients will benefit from it. Your work will be of higher quality as well. You will be happier, get out of bed on monday morning with a smile on your face and things will be way more gezellig.


Although at some point, we might become big, we will never forget what it’s like to be small…

All of our lives, we have focussed on helping small, local entrepreneurs, self employed, shop owners, churches, sportsclubs and organisations. That will never change.


Power to the people

All members of the Swifty team know exactly what they and their collegues are supposed to do and get the freedom to do it, make mistakes and fix them. That’s powerful because things get done (and fixed) quickly and it gives room for innovations and new idea’s. It also instills trust and overall happyness.

All our clients must feel and be empowered by our products, solutions, tips and coaching to successfully present themselves to and engage with their audience online. That too is power to the people.


No fear to pioneer

In order to have something you have never had, you must do something you have never done. If you want to come up with new ways to do things, or solve problems in a new an creative way, you must create something that didn’t exist before. And that process can be a bumpy ride. Mistakes will be made. And fear to do something wrong has no place in that process.


We are

Honest – Helpful – Innovative and gezellig


Swifty HQ

This is the place where all the Swifty stuff is coming from!


SwiftyGuys B.V.
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5554 GM Valkenswaard
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)40 20 85358


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