Is your business or organization on Pinterest? It should be! Here’s why:

Do you sell visual products like interior decorating, flowers, art? Do you sell visual services like landscaping, painting, flooring? Do you sell products or services that you can use images for to tell a story? Do you offer how-to information? Do you represent a club, organization or community that can show what people are experiencing? Do you have a webshop? Then you should be on Pinterest :-) Pinterest is a website and app that people use to discover and share images of things they like. For several reasons. They might be planning a trip or creating a mood  board for a future home and garden. Or they might be gathering recepies or just want to be surprised by unexpected beautiful or smart things. Or gadgets. Or wanna-haves… You get the picture. After entering a search query or keyword, Pinterest shows you an endless feed of images you can scroll through. In that sense it is similar to a search engine like Google Images. You can then click on an image to enlarge it and see on which and whoms board it is pinned. You can then jump to that board, because there you can find even more related images. If you see an image you like, you can pin it (save it) to one of your own boards that can easily be created on the spot. You can follow the board or the creator of the board you just pinned a picture of. That way you will automatically be notified when he or she adds additional pictures to that board. You can also follow your friends or boards of interesting companies, businesses and organizations and get updates from them. You can like a picture. You can send a picture to a friend or share it on your other social media. You can connect your Pinterest to your Facebook account, so all your pins are shared there automatically in an album. And it’s adictive. Ask anyone who has been on it even once. So why should your business be on Pinterest? Well, because people on Pinterest like, pin and share based on looks and looks alone. If you have a cute, beautiful, smart, fancy, touching, nifty or even just a regular picture, you should put it on Pinterest. It’s worth showing, sharing and saving as a pin. Or else you shouldn’t sell it. Right? And the beauty of it is, that in the description you can put a link to your website and/or webshop! And that is not only a great source of traffic (70% of users are using Pinterest as inspiration to buy!). It is also a very cool and natural way to build links to your site. And that is the kind of stuff Google likes. It is one of many things Google factors in when calculating the positioning of your webpages. If you have a webshop, put each and every product on Pinterest, with a link to the product page and show the price. If you sell furniture, show the beautiful interiors you have created with your furniture (and link to your site). If you sell flowers, show pictures of your most beautiful creations (and link to your site). If you are a plumber, painter, plasterer or gardener, show a before and after shot (and link to your site). Show pictures of people having a great time in your church. Show your winning team in action. Show the food you sell at your restaurant. Show the rooms of your B&B and the points of interest near you while you’re at it. You can even create a board that you pin other related stuff on that’s not even yours but might be interesting to your followers. Pinterest is still young. Especially outside the US (79% of active users is in the US). So there is a huge opportunity here for you. Go get your feet wet. Try it. Claim your url: CompanyName – Chris – PS: Don’t over-do it on the commercial and marketing. Please. Keep it fun and helpful and beneficial.  
July 31, 2014
Chris Vermeulen
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Have you updated your Twitter profile page yet?

If you use Twitter primarily on your mobile device, you might not have noticed, but Twitter has redesigned the way your profile page is shown to others. It now looks a lot like Facebook to make Twitter less intimidating and abstract to its 750 million passive users. You can (and should) set a large cover image. The thing is, Twitter re-sizes it. A lot. On big screens in stretches and on mobile it is cropped and re-sized. This makes it difficult to put text in it, because you can never really tell how someone will view it. Some area’s of the cover image can become invisible in some cases. Here is an interesting article on how to design your Twitter cover. For your personal Twitter page, you can create a cover that says something about you and gives a small peek into your life. For you business or organization you can either show the benefits of what it is that you do (Jamie Oliver can show great food) or you can show your target audience using your product. And I’m sure you can imagine a lot more you can do. But what ever you do, do it consciously. Second, the profile image is now 400×400 pixels. This is the image shown next to your tweets, so for your personal account, it should be a picture of you. Not of your dog or your baby. For your business or organization this is the perfect spot to put your logo. You can also put a tweet at the top if you want to showcase it. And, also cool, now your profile shows your favourite tweets. Make sure they are relevant for your followers. For instance, I could favourite some of Robert Heessels’ tweets or some of SwiftyLife’s tweets. You could do the same for your company’s tweets. On your company profile, you can favourite some of your own tweets or significant and relevant other tweets try this. Relevant to your followers that is ;-) Check out your own Twitter profile and see if you can make these improvements. And do follow us on Twitter :-) – Chris –
July 27, 2014
Chris Vermeulen
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A step-by-step small business guide to Twitter

I have a confession to make… For a long time, I didn’t really get Twitter. And I know I’m not the only one. Twitter has about a billion registered ‘users’ of which roughly half have never even once sent a tweet! And half of the other half doesn’t even check Twitter once a month. So all of these people heard about the hype, checked it out, created an account, didn’t quite get it and abandoned it. Maybe to only get back to it in the future. Maybe. Well, if you are one of those 750 million people, you might want to check out this interactive guide to Twitter Because being on Twitter can really help your business. And this guide shows you how.  Enjoy and share with your fellow entrepreneurs ;-) – Chris – PS: Even if you are an active Twitter user, this guide will help you heaps because it also has optional advanced stuff.
July 20, 2014
Chris Vermeulen
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