Changelog for Swifty Site Designer

3.1.1 – 2016-12-12

* Is now compatible with WordPress 4.7. 

3.0.9 – 2016-09-28

* Fixed some requirements for the WordPress theme repository. 

3.0.8 – 2016-09-13

* Fixed: changing the design or going to the theme customizer fails since WordPress 4.6.
* Improved CSS loading.
* Closing design mode now goes back to the homepage.
* Lots of small improvements and bugfixes. 

3.0.7 – 2016-06-15

* Fix for sticky area’s in WordPress mode. 

3.0.6 – 2016-06-06

* Area’s can now stick to the top of the window after scroll.
* Woocommerce pages now always show the page title, even if the option to show page titles is turned off.
* Fixed an issue with areas being forced to be 20px high. 

3.0.5 – 2016-05-27

* Fixed an issue with the default header image.
* Changed allow external to a global option. 

3.0.4 – 2016-05-27

* Fixed: config was not always correctly initialized. 

3.0.3 – 2016-05-26

* Small fix. 

3.0.2 – 2016-05-25

* Areas now do have revisions. 

3.0.1 – 2016-05-24

* Improved Dutch translations. 

3.0.0 – 2016-05-23

* Version bump. This is part of the full SwiftySite 3 set op plugins and theme. 


* Small bugfix. 


* Fixed more issues with demo content. 


* Fixed more issues with demo content.
* Fixed issue with scrollbar in wizard.
* Fixed showing of Swifty images and patterns. 


* Fixed issues with demo content. 


* Better cahce handling of styles.
* Nice order of examples in the start wizard.
* Styles and layouts are now fully finished. 


* Improved css loading. 


* Fixed issues with the external css. 


* Widget areas are now available.
* Fix for Swifty logo not showing.
* Fix for quote problem causing the hamburger menu to not show correctly. 


* You can now switch between previewing your own content or demo content.
* You can now set custom paddings for all areas.
* You can now set background and paddings for the main content area.
* The start wizard can now be switched on or off in the settings page.
* For the manu you can now choose either the normal Swifty Site Designer menu, or any one of the menu’s that are defined in WordPress.
* Fixed: Logo now correctly is show bigger when custom max width or height are set. 


* Css can now optionally be external instead of inline. 


* Improvements for compatibility. 


* Added a start wizard.
* Will no longer contact the external Swifty server unless the user specifically allows.
* Added a setting for automatically showing or hiding the page title as a headline on each page.
* Mobile preview buttons (of WordPress 4.5+) will be hidden until we release a version that supports them.
* The WordPress Admin areas menu is now a semnu of the Swifty menu, instead of stand alone. 


* Added styling options for normal text.
* Now Google fonts can be used.
* Added site icon (favicon) functionality.
* We now support WordPress 4.5 theme logos. Old Swifty Site Designer logos will be converted to WordPress logos automatically.
* Areas and details are now separate menu’s.
* Areas now have visual indicators of what is what. 


* Compatible with WP 4.5. 


* Some small changes. 


* In the menu each menu item that has sub-menu’s is repeated as it’s first child, unless disabled in page settings.
* Categories are renamed to examples to prevent confusion.
* Fixed: The vertical alignment of a custom header image doesn’t work correctly.
* Better protection against errors in custom css.
* Better protection against javascript error in older browsers.
* Translation slugs now use the correct swifty-site-designer. 


* Ready for WordPress 4.4. 


* Menu’s can now optionally be aligned left of right.
* The menu colors and transparency can now optionally be changed.
* Headline colors and uppercase can now optionally be changed.
* Background images can now be shifted vertically, so, for instance, you can make the correct part of a picture appear in the header. 


* Swifty areas can now be viewed and edited in the WordPress admin. 


* Added styling for blog posts.
* Added styling for columns. 


* Menu can now be switched between open on click (default) and open on hover. And menu can now have dropdown arrows.
* Menu does now default open on click (was: open on hover).
* Improvement so menu will work correctly on all kinds of devices.
* The user interface is now a bit restyled to fit the WordPress 4.3 changes. 


* Fixed: sub-submenu did not show 


* Fixed: Submenu items are not clickable on touch screens
* Fixed: logo, title and slogan were sometimes not correctly shown on small (mobile) screens.
* For sites with the menu in sidebar, on small screens the menu is no longer shown below the content, but above it and collapsed into a hamburger menu.
* IMPORTANT: To apply these fixes, please go to ‘Change design’ and do a save there.
* Fixed some compatibility issues with WooCommerce shops.
* The tabs in the media selector are now improved and selecting multiple images is now possible.
* Fixed: Close button misbehaved when clicked too soon. 


* Fixed: logo was not shown in correct size in Internet Explorer.
* Some small changes. 


* Improved lazy loading of slideshows for better PageSpeed.
* Added a screenshot that is shown when choosing themes in WP mode.
* Items are now shown in a more logical order.
* Fixed: fonts on https pages were incorrectly loaded as http. 


* Title and logo font size can now be changed.
* Added advanced option for adding custom css/less.
* Force header images to use http or https depending on current page.
* Fixed: sometimes slideshows did not show up for visitors in Firefox.
* Fixed: some fonts seemed to flash in the page after they were loaded (FOUT; Flash Of Unstyled Text). 


* The height of some area’s like the header can now be changed.
* The width of sidebars and page content can now be changed.
* The page width can now be switched between full window width and centered boxed.
* Special page contents, like search results, no longer show exotic content.
* Added cache busting to several js and css files. 


* Gallery grid images now also show in optimal resolution in Firefox.
* Fix for images sometimes not showing up in Firefox. 


* Improved minor issues in responsive images. 


* Fixed: The logo could have a lightbox on click. That was not intended.
* Improvements in PageSpeed.
* Shows version number on the setting page. 


* This is the first private release of this plugin. 

Changelog for Swifty Page Manager

3.0.1 – 2016-12-13

* If SwiftySite plugin is active, page titles set in Swifty Page Manager and titles set in YoastSEO will be synchronised. If there is a conflict in these titles, Swifty Page Manager’s title will win (only in Swifty mode; not in stand-alone plugin).
* If both the SwiftySite and YoastSEO plugins are active, you can now enter a description meta tag and set if search engines may index and/or follow the page (only in Swifty mode; not in stand-alone plugin).
* Fixed: the title was not always used correctly as title tag (only in Swifty mode; not in stand-alone plugin).
* Fixed: sometimes the plugin could not be uninstalled.
* Fixed: a BBPress compatibility issue. 

3.0.0 – 2016-05-24

* Version bump. This is part of the full SwiftySite 3 set op plugins and theme. 


* All areas can now be turned on and off (Only for Swifty Site Designer theme).
* When adding a new page, you can optionally copy the area settings and content from the parent page. (Only for Swifty Site Designer theme). 


* Version bump for author update. 


* Important speed improvement: determining draft state is now much quicker. 


* Language strings now have the correct slug, so they can be translated better. 


* Small bugfix for WMPL. 


* The maximum width of the view / tree can now be set in the settings screen, so the buttons can now be closer to the titles.
* Added a WPML language switcher.
* Fixed a problem with activate after install.
* Added an option for showing a main menu’s title also as the first child in it’s dropdown menu (only in Swifty mode; not in stand-alone plugin). 


* Prevent Ninja Forms messages from showing on top of Swifty Page Manager. 


* Improved WPML compatiblity.
* Removed | character from title (only in Swifty mode; not in stand-alone plugin).
* Added real-time validation check for the url / slug (only in Swifty mode; not in stand-alone plugin).
* Ready for WordPress 4.4
* New screenshots. 


* Fixed: page settings not working in IE.
* Fixed: some issues with url’s. 


* Better protection against duplicate url’s / slugs. 


* Fixed an issue where 1.4.3. would give erros on some shared hosting accounts.
* Renamed ‘Page edit’ to ‘Page settings’. 


* Shows version number on the setting page. 


* A few small changes. 


* A few small changes. 


* Fixed important bug: 1.3.0 was not compatible with PHP older than 5.3. 1.4.0 is. Please update asap! 


* Is prepared for cooperating with upcoming Swifty plugins. 


* Fixed important bug: 1.2.0 caused the plugin to conflict with some other plugins. Please update asap!
* Changed: Status labels for draft etc. are now after the page title instead of in front
* Changed: Rearranged a few of the page icons
* Changed: Input fields are now wider 


* Fixed bug: broken trash link
* Added a move button to the page manager pages, hovering it will display a help message
* Added language: Hebrew (Thanks to: Ahrale).
* Numerous small inprovements
* Ready for WordPress 4.2.2 


* Fixed bug: post-type related
* Ready for WordPress 4.0 


* Added language: Simplified Chinese (Thanks to: LoveFS).
* Added language: Serbian (Thanks to: Borisa Djuraskovic). 


* Fixed bug: plugin did not activate in PHP 5.2.4. 


* Fixed bug: in some situations page order might be changed incorrectly. 


* Small fix for incorrect version number. 


* Added language/translation info. 


* Improved the description page. 


* We are very happy to release our very first open source product. 

Filter: swifty_update_sitemap_enabled

Swifty Site has an option to prevent the creation of a XML site map which is normally created and updated after changing posts.

By applying this filter you can prevent the creation of it when you return false.


add_filter( 'swifty_update_sitemap_enabled', '__return_false' );

Filter: swifty_hide_toolbar

Swifty Site has an option for hiding the toolbar.

By applying this filter you can hide the toolbar when you return true.


add_filter( 'swifty_hide_toolbar', '__return_true' );

Changelog for SwiftySite

3.1.5 – 2016-12-15

* If Yoast xml sitemap is enabled use that one and do not generate one ourselves.
* Makes sure the xml sitemap is added to robots.txt so search engines can find it. 

3.1.4 – 2016-11-29

* After login users will now be redirected to the homepage instead of the WP admin (as happened in some cases). 

3.1.3 – 2016-11-28

* Fixed: Uninstall was sometimes failing.
* A few small improvements. 

3.1.2 – 2016-11-09

* The Yoast SEO plugin is now installed by default, because it will be used by future improvements in Swifty plugins.
* A few small improvements. 

3.1.1 – 2016-06-01

* Fixed an installation problem. 

3.1.0 – 2016-05-27

* Fixed: Upon each activation or upgrade the homepage was unintentionally set.
* Improved install button. 

3.0.9 – 2016-05-26

* Fixed: Splash screen was shown upon each update. 

3.0.8 – 2016-05-26

* Fixed an install issue. 

3.0.7 – 2016-05-25

* Improved the automatic installation process. 

3.0.6 – 2016-05-24

* Added a new welcome step for going to the them customizer.
* Fixed upgrade issues.
* Improved Dutch translation. 

3.0.5 – 2016-05-23

* Version bump. This is part of the full SwiftySite 3 set op plugins and theme. 


* We now have a nice welcome screen with installation options. 


* Improved styling.
* Buttons also work when no other Swifty plugins and themes are installed. 


* WP 4.5 message temporarily hidden. 


* Another small fix for Swifty Content Creator requirement. 


* Small fix for Swifty Content Creator requirement. 


* When going to edit content a warning is shown when not using Chrome or Firefox. Because other browser will cause conflicts while editing.
* The user interface is now more responsive to small screens.
* This version is needed by Swifty Content Creator for correct working of the wpautop option. 


* Fix for required plugin. 


* Small changes. 


* Improved lazy loading of images for better PageSpeed. 


* Fixed: some translation issues.
* Fixed: Ninja forms welcome screen could prevent Swifty plugins to work correctly. 


* The buttons now have better names.
* The settings button is now moved to the right and shows a cogs icon.
* Fixed: page restore did sometimes fail. 


* Shows version number on the setting page. 


* Fixes problem where uploaded headers are not centered vertically. 


* This is the first private release of this plugin. 

Action: swifty_register_shortcode

Plugins can provide SCC with information how their shortcodes can be inserted and edited.

By using this action you can provide the information needed to show the edit panel with attributes. The proper moment to
use this action is in the swifty_register_shortcodes action which is called by SCC after loading the plugins.
There is 1 argument which is a array which can contain the following keys:
shortcode: required, shortcode for which the edit panel will be created
name: required, name used in the edit panel
type: optional, [block,inline] default block, shorcode generated html is blocking or inline
category: [clipboard,interactive,textual,layout,others,presets,visuals,thirdparty]
icon: Unicode character or font-awesome name to show as icon on the insertion button
order: order nr of shortcodes in this category
width: default 100, width of generated html in percent
onchange: [‘checkimages’] optional, see description below
vars: array with attributes of the shortcode and how they can be edited

onchange options These are functions called when a attribute is changed in the edit panel, any function without
parameters can be used.
‘checkimages’: shortcode creates img tags which uses the swifty responsive images system
vars attribute
default: default values, can be a string or integer
type: [swifty_form_input,colorpicker,radiobutton,textarea,color_default,hide,iconpicker,checkbox,link,icon_button,select,page] default swifty_form_input
values for radiobutton,select: string with items to show, | separates items, item= value^name
default_var for color_default: attribute to use as default color value
action for icon_button: [‘select_image’] action to perform when clicked
button_size for icon_button: [‘small’]
label: text with the label to show for this attribute
text: text on control for this attribute
tooltip: tooltip for this attribute
column: [0,-] location in edit panel
row: [0,1] location in edit panel
direction: [‘vertical’]
width: width for this edit field
content_removep: [‘0′,’1’] default ‘0’, when ‘1’ call removeautop, wpautop on content when setting / getting depending on the autop setting in the scc options
use_edit_placeholder: [‘0′,’1’] default ‘0’, when ‘1’ show placeholder instead of html when editing


dd_action('swifty_register_shortcodes', function() {
    * add this asset as shortcode
   do_action( 'swifty_register_shortcode', array(
       'shortcode' => 'swifty_divider',
       'name' => __( 'Divider', 'swifty-content-creator' ),
       'type' => 'block',
       'category' => 'layout',
       'icon' => 'fa-minus',
       'order' => '10',
       'width' => '100',
       'vars' => array(
           'divider_bg_color' => array(
               'default' => '#404040',
               'type' => 'colorpicker',
               'label' => __( 'Background color', 'swifty-content-creator' ),
               'column' => 0,
               'row' => 0//,
           'divider_height' => array(
               'default' => '1',
               'label' => __( 'Height', 'swifty-content-creator' ),
               'column' => 0,
               'row' => 1,
               'width' => 100
   ) );

Action: swifty_register_shortcodes

Plugins can provide SCC with information how their shortcodes can be inserted and edited.

This action is called by SCC for plugins to register their shortcodes with the action ‘swifty_register_shortcode’.


dd_action('swifty_register_shortcodes', function() {
    * add this asset as shortcode
   do_action( 'swifty_register_shortcode', array( ..... ) );

Function: LibSwiftyPluginView::lazy_load_css

Use ssd enqueue_style method when ssd is the active theme, otherwise use wp_enqueue_style
See wp_enqueue_style for description of parameters.


LibSwiftyPluginView::lazy_load_css( 'swcreator_swcreator_css' );

Function: get_swifty_lib_dir_url

Returns the plugin or theme url depending on the $file that is used.


$swifty_css_admin_url = get_swifty_lib_dir_url( __FILE__ ) . 'css/swifty-admin.css';