Great feedback and insights from our customers!

Last Tuesday we had a few customers visiting our offices for a nice afternoon of sharing stories, plans and challenges. A great way to get to know each other a bit better. After an hour or so we sat down in groups of two to test three (of the four) parts of SwiftySite that are built and are in the test phase. One customer performing the test and one Swifty team member to observe. Well, it was very insightful to say the least! The four customers were totally different. One never worked with computers other than sending the occasional email. Another only occasionally changes some text and images on his current site, but doesn’t really go beyond that to create pages and such. Two others were more familiar and confident in creating pages and filling them with content. But in all four cases it was really nice to see which parts of the user interface were intuitive to them and in which area’s they struggled. For most of them the way Swifty works is pretty straight forward once they got it free samples of viagra. This made us rethink some stuff and we decided that we should definitely show a 30 to 60 second on-boarding video for new users to show them the basics. We’ve found some bugs that we are fixing now and some of the words and names we use (for buttons and such) as well as some of the symbols will be changed to better reflect the meaning. All in all we think that as a tool it’s pretty easy for our customers to use SwiftySite but we were also confirmed in our thinking that our coaching and gamification (that we will be adding to the tools along the way) will make the real difference. Not so much for how to use the tools, but for what to do with them. So a big thank you to Stef, Gerard, Edith and Rob for their great feedback! You guys not only helped us, but also all the people that will end up using the improved SwiftySite. Would you like to visit our office once and help us with testing one of our products? Please like us on Facebook and we will notify you when the next opportunity comes up. Because we will definitely do this more often.
January 16, 2015
Chris Vermeulen
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