Licenses, Policies, Terms & Conditions


Wondering what you can do with our plugins? And if they have some restrictions? Here at the Swifty HQ we are developing different products. And every product needs a license. A license is a package of rules for the people who are using the product. So they know what they can and can’t do with it. There are different kinds of licenses, which of course have different rules. The developer of a product can decide which license is the best for his/her product. 

GPL – General Public Licensed Products


Our WordPress plugins and theme are published under the GPL (“General Public License”). That means that everyone can use, share, modify or copy this product. When you do so, the only restriction is you have to distribute it under the same license terms and you have to include the source code of the product. In this way you give others also the possibilities to use, share, modify or copy your product. On this website you can read the full definition of the GPL. In short it stand for free as in free speech. Not necessarily free as in free beer ;-)


These plugins are released under the GPL:


  • Swifty Site  
  • Swifty Page Manager
  • Swifty Content Creator
  • Swifty Content Goodies Pack (Free as in free speech. Not Free Beer.)
  • Swifty Content Visual Pack (Free as in free speech. Not Free Beer.)

These Themes are released under the GPL:


  • Swifty Site Designer





Proprietary Swifty Software Licensed Products


Some of our products have certain elements provided from within them – most of the time delivered from our servers – that we cannot release under the GPL. Like stock photo images that we bought the extended rights to. Or they have premium content that we have created for you and that we charge a modest annual amount for (that’s how we make a living).


these products are protected by our proprietary license: 


  • Free & Premium Layouts (provided in Swifty Site Designer)
  • Free & Premium Styles (provided in Swifty Site Designer)
  • Free & Premium Images (provided in Swifty Site Designer)
  • Free & Premium Images (provided in Swifty Content Creator)
  • Free & Premium Presets & Page Presets (provided in Swifty Content Creator)





Swifty Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and will treat your data as securly as we know how. 


We have a Privacy Policy in place for visitors of this website, for the users of our products and for users who become customers. It’s about using cookies, how we use your personal data and how we gather anonymous stats. Click the button to find out more.





Swifty Refund Policy



We review each refund request carefully on a case by case basis. If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we are here to help you make it work. If that doesn’t work out, we’ll look into refunding your order. Sometimes it will be a full refund. Sometimes it will be a partial refund. That depends on the situation. Basically, if it makes sense, we’ll give you a refund. It’s really that simple. Having said that, we have a policy written for you, to manage your expectations with regards to refunding your purchase. So grab yourself a coffee or a banana milkshake and read along. 





Swifty Terms & Conditions


All companies are legally required to have terms and conditions in place that apply to all business that is done between the company and the customer and to make those terms and conditions available. It’s pretty boring legal stuff, you know, just in case something goes wrong. They basically say you can’t sue us. But go ahead and have a look if you like:





International Registered Trademark & Copyright


Swifty – and by association all the Swifty products that have the Swifty brandname in their full name – is a Worldwide Registered Trademark and is protected by both Dutch and international copyright and intellectual property laws and treaties.