Sometimes less is more


WordPress is awesome and you can do almost an unlimited number of things with it, but all those options and choices can be pretty overwhelming. Swifty Plugins make the tools you use most a whole lot easier to use.

And most of them are free.




Swifty Site Designer

1 Theme. 1 Million Designs.


Imagine a website as a collection of area’s. Such as the topbar, header, sidebar and footer. This tool allows you to define the size, background, position and styling of each of those areas. The combinations are endless. You have maximum freedom to create any design. That’s why Swifty Site Designer is not an ordinary theme. It’s more like a theme generator.



Swifty Page Manager

Manage your WordPress pages. Like a BOSS.


WordPress handles the pages of your website like blog posts. You can order them alphabetically, by date, by author or by number of responses. Nice for blog posts. Not so much for website pages. Swifty Page Manager shows you how the pages of your WordPress site are positioned and related to each other in a clear pagetree overview. Now you can easily add and delete pages. And move them around the pagetree with drag-and-drop. Create the main navigation menu in no time.



Swifty Content Creator

See your site as your visitors see it.

While you’re editing.


This fresh and modern front-end editor is powerful. Yet humble. Its main user interface is located at the bottom of your screen. This allows your site to be the hero. And for you to work free of distractions.


There are no popups in which you type your text. You no longer have to switch back and forth between edit mode and preview mode to see the effect of what you are creating. You can simply type, or drag-and-drop stuff, in the page. And actually see what you are doing. The way your visitors will see it. There is so much goodness and cleverly designed stuff built in this visual, true what-you-see-is-what-you-REALLY-get front-end editor. We can’t wait to show you.