How cool of you to help translate the Swifty Plugins to your language!


Send us your files


Here is how it works…


1) We use the ‘CodeStyling Localization’ plugin to generate the language files. To start translation of one or more of our plugins, please download, install and activate this plugin.

2) Then go to Tools -> Localization and find the ‘Swifty Page Manager’ plugin. Here you can create new language files for this plugin.

3) Once you’ve done that, the generated .po and .mo files can be found in the language folder inside the ‘Swifty Page Manager’ plugin folder. Please email these files to and we will place them in the plugin download file. 




It’s best if you use an informal writing style. Like when you are sitting at a bar and explaining stuff to a friend who has no technical skills. Thanks for doing this. You’re awesome