Swifty Privacy Policy


For visitors of this website


1. Management

This website, www.Swifty.online is owned and operated by Swifty B.V. Contact info can be found on this website. 


2. Visitor data

2a Some of the data that is generated by one or more visits to any of www.swifty.online’s pages is permanently stored, but anonymously. That data does not lead back to an individual or organization. 

2b Swifty BV will take great care in storing this data safely. 


3. Cookies
3a Swifty BV uses functional cookies to optimize the functionality of some of the pages of the website. Cookies are small text files that a page of the website can put on the computer of the visitor. In such a cookie, information is stored such as the visitors preferences. This allows Swifty BV to better serve the visitor on a return visit. For instance it can remember item’s placed in the shopping cart or certain info already filled out in a form. This greatly improves the user experience on the site. 

3b The visitor is in control of the way cookies are used. He or she can change the browser settings so that functional cookies are completely or partially or not at all allowed. And the visitor can set these preferences for each website separately. This option is built in to most modern browsers. 

3c Cookies can always be removed from a computer, again, via the browser. 
3d Swifty BV uses marketing cookies to improve and better adapt it’s communications (both on this site as on partner sites) to the whises and needs of the individual visitors and customers. 

3e Swifty BV uses analytics cookies to gather insights of the way visitors use the website to analize paterns and graphs in order to improve the website performance and visitor experience. 


4. Questions

Visitors that have questions regarding this Privacy Policy can always contact Swifty BV via the contact info provided on this website. 


5. Disclaimer

Swifty BV can always change the content of this Privacy Policy without notifying the visitor. Simply publishing the new policy on this website is enough. 


For customers


The Privacy Policy for Customers is an addition to the Privacy Policy for Visitors and applies to everyone that makes a purchase with Swifty BV.


1. Data submitted by the customer
Swifty BV is free to use the data submitted by the customer for the following: 
1a Processing the order

1b Sending one or more emails regarding the order, such as, but not limited to, an email that states account login info.
1c Occasionally send info regarding a product, an improvement, a suggestion, etc. of which Swifty BV thinks it will contribute to a more successful website for the customer. 

2. Providing data to third parties
Data submitted by the customer to Swifty BV will not be shared with others unless one of these exeptions applies: 
2a When a court order is issued to hand over customer data.
2b When we need to share all or part of the customer data in order to deliver on the product. For instance when one of our product partners needs the info to activate an account.

3. Security
Data submitted to Swifty BV will be stored in a secured manner.


4. Changing customer data

The customer can always change or update the provided data in which case Swifty BV can ask the customer to provide the changes in a by Swifty prescribed way and in some cases can ask for identification. 


For users


Gathering anonymous user statistics 

We gather anonymous stats about how users use our plugins, but ONLY if user has given SPECIFIC permission that we can do so. 
We only ever gather and store ANONYMOUS data, EVEN in situations where it would be technically possible to gather non-anonymous data.


The reason we gather anonymous user data is so that we can analyse where users may struggle, what they like and don’t like and to see if certain decisions we’ve made with regards to the design and setup of the user interface need to be revisited. This should lead to beter products that better fit the needs of our users. And an overall better user experience. 

Using some of the functionality of our plugins and themes, such as presets in the Swifty Content Creator, requires us getting data from our servers. In most cases we will not go get that data until the user has specifically granted permission to contact our servers (and gather anonymous stats).

In cases we do get data from our servers without specific permission, it is reasonably clear we do this. For instance when you click on a more-info link on one of our paid extensions.