Swifty Content Goodies Pack


$9 / year

Product Description

Unlock these goodies. Save time and effort.


These four content elements together form the Goodies Pack:


A simple but elegant box that you can tweak and style. It has a headline and text inside the box. Use this to emphasise some content. Maybe put it in the sidebar.


Search Box
When a visitor types a keyword in there, it searches your whole site and returns all pages with that word. When you use the Swifty Site Designer, you can put this search box in any area of your site. Like the top bar for instance.


Some visitors like a sitemap to quickly see where to go. This is especially nice for bigger websites. This content element generates and auto updates a sitemap based on your Swifty Page Manager pagetree. Put it on a hidden page and link to it from the footer of your site.


Google Maps
Ridiculously easy way to insert Google Maps to your contact page, footer or any page for that matter. Just type your company name. Done! Resize and position this map as easy as you would an image.


You can do all these things the easy way or the hard way :-)  The easy way is to unlock these 4 content elements together for only 9$ per year. Click the Add to Cart button. You can use them directly after checkout.


Or unlock all Swifty Goodness:
You can also unlock ALL we have to offer: Goodies Pack (9), Visuals Pack (9) and 12 months of Premium (48 hour) support (29). All these for only $47 $39 now,
then $47 $39 / year
per year.


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