Swifty Content Visuals Pack


$9 / year

Product Description

Add these visuals. Make your content look good.


These four visual elements together form the Visuals Pack:


Flex Gallery
This photo album takes the same approach as Google Images does; it shows images all in the same height, but does not leave empty space in between. Full images will be shown in preview. On click they open in a light box.


Grid Gallery
An amazing photo gallery that shows a miniature of your images all in a grid pattern. Each image has the same height and width area. It’s just a matter of taste which gallery type you like best. Good thing they are both unlocked when you buy this Visuals Pack.


A beautiful, simple and elegant slider that is easy to resize and position. Put it on auto slide. On the left and right there are arrows for your visitor to flip through your images as they wish. At the bottom there are bullets to see where you are.


Similar to a slider, but without the arrow-controls. It does however have multiple transition effects. Pretty nice if you want to show multiple images without letting your visitor scroll.

All 4 visuals are fully responsive, meaning they look awesome on any device.

Of course there are other galleries and sliders out there. But these 4 work in the familiar and easy Swifty way. These 4 content elements together are yours for only 9$ per year. Click the Add to Cart button. You can use them directly after checkout.


Or unlock all Swifty Goodness for a special price:
You can also unlock ALL we have to offer: Goodies Pack (9), Visuals Pack (9) and 12 months of Premium (48 hour) support (29). All these for only $47 $39 now,
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