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Get this powerful pack and you can easily add

Google Maps, a Sitemap, a Text Box and a Search Box

to the pages of your site. Scroll down this page to see

what you can do with these awesome additions. 


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Google Maps

Just type in your company name. Done!

What would your contact page be without this?

This really is a ridiculously easy way to insert Google Maps into your contact page, footer or any other page for that matter. Just type in your company name or address and you’re done!


Resize and reposition this map as easily as you would an image. Have text wrap around it or put it in a column. Fully responsive of course.

Swifty Sitemap

Auto-generated index of your website.

Show all viewable pages of your site or just the ones in a sub-menu.

Some visitors like a sitemap to quickly see where to go. This is especially nice for bigger websites. This content element generates and auto updates a sitemap based on your Swifty Page Manager page tree. Tip: Put it on a page that is not shown in your site menu and link to it from the footer of your site.

Swifty Text Box

Resize this text box all you want.

It will always look nice ;-)

This is the Swifty Text Box
Looks awesome in a sidebar or next to other text boxes in multiple columns. You can also show this box in a page with the text wrapping beautifully around it. Much like you would have text wrap around an image. Simply drag-and-drop it into place. Drag the corner to resize.

You can pick a color for the title bar and the title text itself. And as with all Swifty Content Elements, you can add fade or slide-in scroll effects to it as well.


Oh, and it’s fully responsive of course.

Swifty Search Box

Lets your visitors search your site for a keyword.

Position this Search Box in any area of your site.

The topbar or footer of your site are good spots to put this search box. But you can put it anywhere you like. As with all content elements you can easily resize, reposition and add special scroll effects. You can also change and hide the texts like we show here in the examples. 


Especially people visiting your site on a mobile device will love this search box.

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