Swifty Content Visuals Pack


Add a beautiful slider, a slideshow and two photo galleries to your arsenal of Swifty tools.

With this powerful combo, you will be able to significantly beautify the content of your SwiftySite. 


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Swifty Slider

Position this slider anywhere you like.

Maybe make it a beautiful header :-)

A beautiful, simple and elegant slider that is easy to resize and position with drag-and-drop.


Put it on auto slide if you like and determine the seconds between slides. On hover, at the left and right of the slider, there are arrows for your visitor to flip through your images as they wish. At the bottom, there are bullets to see where you are. These can be used to jump to a certain slide. 

Swifty Slideshow

Let text wrap around this slideshow like you would with an image.

Pick one of the gorgeous transitions for the right effect.

The Swifty Slideshow is a smart way to show multiple images to website visitors without them having to scroll. You could use it to visually support some paragraphs of text. For instance, when you want to show before and after pictures of a job you did. Or give an impression of a special event or something. 


The slideshow is similar to a slider, but without the arrow controls. It does, however, have some stunning transition effects for you to choose from. 

Swifty Flex Gallery

Resize this photo gallery all you want.

It will always look nice ;-)

This photo album takes the same approach as Google Images does; it shows all images in the same height, but does not leave empty space in between. In order to pull this off, the images may be cropped. This means sometimes part of the image is not shown. If that is really important to you, you can choose Swifty Grid Gallery. 

Full images will be shown in a lightbox when you click or tap them. 

Swifty Grid Gallery

Shows your images in full (without cropping).

In a grid that you can choose.

An amazing photo gallery that shows a miniature of your images all in a grid pattern of rows and columns. Each image has the same height and width area in which the entire image is shown.


It’s just a matter of taste which gallery type you like best. Good thing they are both unlocked when you buy this Visuals Pack.

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