SwiftySite Extension Packs


Add these awesome tools to your SwiftySite toolbox! These will save you a lot of time and effort. And, these beautiful additions will not only make your site look good. They make you look good too ;-)


Swifty Content Visuals Pack


Add a beautiful slider, a slideshow and two photo galleries to your arsenal of Swifty tools.

With this powerful combo, you will be able to significantly beautify the content of your SwiftySite. 


$9 /year


Swifty Content Goodies Pack


Get this powerful pack and you can easily add Google Maps, a Sitemap,  a Text Box and a
Search Box  to the pages of your site. Click to see  what you can do with these awesome additions. 


$9 /year


Swifty Priority Support


12 months of ‘skipp-the-line’ Priority Support.

Get your answers fast: in 48 hours or less on business days


$29 /year



Swifty Combo Pack VGS


Get all of what SwiftySite has to offer. At a  discount.
Support us: Help us build even better tools for you.


$47 $39 now,
then $47 $39 / year
 / year