Swifty Content Creator

See your site as your visitors see it.

While you’re editing.

Let your site be the hero

This fresh and modern front-end editor is powerful. Yet humble.

Because its main user interface is located at the bottom of your screen. This allows your site to be the hero. And for you to work free of distractions. There are no popups in which you type your text. You no longer have to switch back and forth between edit mode and preview mode to see the effect of what you are creating.


You can simply type, or drag-and-drop stuff, in the page. And actually see what you are doing. The way your visitors will see it.

Fully Responsive

We make your site look good.

On any device.

Google not only loves, but requires websites to be responsive. Otherwise they won’t even show your site in mobile search results. So content created with Swifty Content Creator is responsive by default. And if your theme is responsive as well, you’re good to go. Your site visitors will love it.


Your site looks great. You look great.


Did we mention

It’s free?


Free as in free beer.

With in-app purchases.


Swifty Content Creator is a free theme and as such is available on the WordPress.org website. We’ve put no limit on functionality, but we do have a whole lot more additional content elements that you can unlock for a small fee. This allows us to keep working on this theme. And to make more amazing products that you can benefit from.

Free as in freedom.

licenced under GPL.


This means that, if you are a WordPress developer, you can take this plugin and change the code. You have total freedom. Having said that, we invite you to work with us to make improvements rather than to fork it. Please mind that the Swifty brand name is not GPL and is protected by copyrights and a worldwide registered trademark.

Free support.

Help us help you.


The fastest way to get an answer is to have a look in our knowledgebase. We also have a dedicated team of support agents standing by to help you. They offer free support on the WordPress.org forum that goes with this plugin. When there are a lot of requests, please allow up to 7 days for us to respond. Need an answer fast? Upgrade to Priority or Premium Support (coming soon).

The power to create

Just the way you like it

The Grid

Use rows and columns to position your content.


Like many other front-end editors, you can use rows and columns to create clear and compelling layouts. Insert them and drag-and-drop them anywhere on the page. You can even copy-paste a column or an entire row. Now you get results fast.


Put your content in (con)text

Have your text wrap beautifully around any type of content element.


If text is the hero on your page, let it wrap naturally around any content element. A video. A quote. A Slider. Much in the same way text wraps around images.


You see, you can use a grid if you like, but you don’t have to.


Advanced & easy mode

For a seamless transition of the site to the customer.


WordPress professionals can work in the Advanced UI mode that comes with Swifty Content Creator. Everything they need is right at their fingertips.  And the end-users – entrepreneurs a nd employees that maintain the website – can do the exact same things. But in a way that is much more intuitive for them. In Easy mode. This saves a lot of time during the hand-over of the site from designer to customer. And afterwards.



Swifty Content Creator is the perfect front-end editor to create a website with. And then hand it over to the end-user who can seamlessly take over.



Clever prefab content combinations that make you look like a pro.


Presets are smart combinations of content elements, positioned in rows and columns. Created by our designers to have an immediate impact on your pages. And huge time savers too. Columns with icons. Meet-the-team. And even those beautiful break-out bars that span the full width of the screen. Just insert them with a click our your mouse. Then edit them to make them your own.



Full page layouts

One click. One page.


We call them Page Presets. Combinations of presets that form full page layouts. Put together for you by our professional designers. They have done the creative part. You just pick a page preset you like and edit the content. Just the way you like it. We’ve got all kinds for you. Home pages. Landing pages. Contact pages. Product pages. And way – way more. Page presets help you save time and help you create an amazing site. Even when you don’t feel very creative.


I wish there was a smooth way to transfer the website to the customer when I’m done.

Lock ‘n Load

Lock content for all non-admin users


We’ve talked to hundreds of developers, designers and freelancers on WP Meetups and WordCamps. And they all say the same thing. “I wish there was a smooth way to transfer the website to the customer when I’m done. And not get those dreaded phone calls a few days later saying that something broke. And that that is somehow all my fault. “


Well. Look no further. As the admin of a WordPress site, you can lock all or some of the content for non-admin users. This way they can only edit the things you allow them to. And not accidentally break something. You can also hide the button that switches between WordPress mode and Swifty mode. Effectively hiding the WP-admin for them. In everyone’s best interest ;-)

Even more

Features & Benefits

Discover in detail what Swifty Content Creator can do for you


There is an extensive list of almost all the features loaded in Swifty Content Creator.

Each is there for a reason. And each brings it’s own benefits.


Learn more about all the features 



Auto optimized images

Upload an image. Done.

Imagine what life would be like if you could just upload an image – any image – to your website. And then forget about it. No need to resize before upload. No need to optimize. No need to pick the right size when you insert it into your content. Just upload an image and have Swifty take care of it. You can even just drag a corner to resize it. Don’t worry about it. We’ll show the exact right image to each individual website visitor. We even tailor it to their screensize.


Developer friendly

Fully compatible with WordPress. Both ways.

Whatever you create in Swity Content Creator can be edited in WordPress edit-mode. And whatever you edit in WordPress mode will still work in Swifty mode. So create most of the site the quick and easy way with Swifty Content Creator. And then add that special plugin or functionality the WordPress way. It all just works.



Write text. Not code.

If you’ve ever worked with WordPress, you must have stumbled across them. Shortcodes. Those weird looking strings of code that suddenly show up while you are editing your page. They do all kinds of cool stuff for the website visitor. But behind the scenes, they can be pretty confusing. Swifty Content Creator lets you work in the front-end of your site. This means the effect of the shortcode is shown. Not the shortcode itself. Yes, it’s pretty awesome.

When you use the

Swifty Site Designer Theme.

Beautiful things tend to happen.

Swifty Content Creator is theme independent. And so it works with almost any theme.


But it works especially well with it’s theme counterpart – Swifty Site Designer. Both take the approach that a web page consists of different areas.

Each area can have it’s own size, background and position. And any area can have it’s own content, be shown or hidden on any page and can have different variants. Combine this with our presets and page presets and see what happens.

Like cookies & cream

Swifty products work really well together.

It’s our mission to help small businesses present themselves successfully online. This plugin is just the beginning. Swifty Content Creator works closely together with Swifty Site Designer and Swifty Page Manager. All beautifully wrapped into a nice package called SwiftySite. With this one plugin you will get easy access to the whole Swifty suite of plugins and theme. 

Unlock the special super powers that come with this powerful combination. SwiftySite is like a toolkit for the WordPress professional to create basic websites with. Fast. Easy. Profitably. For entrepreneurs it’s the ease of use of a sitebuilder combined with the full power of WordPress. Some have even called it “Wix for WordPress”.


Unlock the special super powers

that come with this powerful combination.


This whole page is created with SwiftySite.