SwiftySite Product Launch: Bridging the gap between the WordPress professional and the end-user.


May 27, 2016

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About a year ago, my heart did a little joy-dance :-)


Matt Mullenweg, the founding father of WordPress, was on stage at WordCamp Europe in Sevilla – Spain. He did a Q&A with the audience and towards the end, he said something that almost made me cry.


But in a good way.




Here’s what he said:


We have to show empathy to the user and try to bridge the gap between where we are and where they are.

“We have to show empathy to the user and try to bridge the gap between where we are and where they are. And that’s where the next 24% of our growth will come from.”


He was of course talking to a room filled with about a thousand WordPress professionals. And all of them intuitively understood what he meant by “the gap”.


The huge disconnect between the world of the WordPress developer or designer on the one hand. And their customers, the end-users, on the other. Plus the even bigger gap between the skill sets of both.


And therein lies a problem.


Because when WordPress pros deliver a website, they also hand over the same tools the site is built with. And the customer is not trained to use those tools.


To them, these tools, and the whole wp-admin for that matter, are like a TV remote control with 40 buttons: you can do everything with it!


But they don’t know how.


Sure. You can spend an hour or two with each client trying to explain to them how the wp-admin works. But when you see them writing everything down on a notepad. You know you’re in trouble.


And so this gap causes all kinds of collateral damage.


Because the customer needs to go through the wp-admin to reach the posts, pages and other tools to make adjustments or additions to their site. They often break stuff. Accidentally of course.


And that’s when you get “The Call”


“My website is broken. And you need to fix it!”




Yeah. We need to show empathy to the user. For sure.


I mean for real! Because if you think of it, it’s not really their fault. Is it? They just aren’t trained to use the tools that come with their website. And they probably can’t be trained either.


We are called pros for a reason. Right?

We’re good at this WordPress stuff.

They’re good at other stuff.


Well. Here’s the reason my heart jumped for joy:

For the last 3 years our team has been secretly working on 1 tool that effectively IS the bridge between your world and that of your customers.


It’s called SwiftySite.


And it has already been called: “Wix for WordPress” because it has that ease of use for the end-user. AND it has the full, unlimited power of WordPress as it’s engine. Which is why developers and designers love this tool as well.


SwiftySite is a tool that you as a WordPress professional can use to build entry-level WordPress sites with in Advanced User Mode. Then lock some (or all) of the content and hide wp-admin. And then hand over the site, with tool and all, to your customer who can seamlessly take over and work on the site in Easy User Mode.


It’s free.


It’s available in the WordPress.org repository.


And here’s where you can find out more about it.




Oh yeah, wanna know what part of Matt’s statement almost made me cry?


And that’s where the next 24% of our growth will come from.


I looked over across the room to Robert, my friend and business partner for the last 15 years and the brains behind our products.


He was smiling too. :-)







May 27, 2016
Chris Vermeulen
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