Swifty Content Creator Features:


Responsive switch

Shows your site in desktop, tablet or smarthone width while you are working in it


Rows & Columns

Enable you to build a structured page



Clever combinations of content that you don’t have to build, only edit (huge time saver!)


Break out bars

Beautiful full width content area’s that help you structure a page


Edit text

Full text editor functionality


Create headlines

H1, H2 type headlines defined by theme’s CSS



Add an image to your content and easily resize and re-position it. 



Add a youtube video and easily resize and re-position it.



You can even put an icon behind an icon, creating a nice combination



Insert a quote that the rest of your text can wrap around


Contact form

A basic (non-customizable) contactform that works straight out of the box


Blog post list

Different ways of showing the title and or summary and featured images of your blog posts


Easy HTML insert

Type or paste some HTML in a box and the result will magically appear :-)


Easy shortcode insert

Type or paste some HTML in a box without having to switch to the WP backend.



Change the colors and easily resize and reposition as you please



Beter use rows and columns in most cases, but if you have to, we have a table available for you


Anchor tag

Creates a position on your page that you can link to


Horizontal rule

A simple yet elegant devider of content



Insert emoticons if you like


Special characters

Such as © or ®


Auto save

Auto saves all changes you make without publishing (you publish when you are ready)


Publish page

Right there where you need it, becomes blue to remind you of auto-saved but not-yet-published changes to that page


Manage versions

All versions of each page at a glance, easily revert to a previous version



Coming soon:


Flex Gallery

Show multiple images in a fixed row height, but each with flexible width, much like Google Images works


Grid Gallery

Show multiple images all with the same height as the first one in the row and all with equal available width



Show multiple images in a viewable area that auto-plays and that visitors can click through back and forth at their own speed as well



Show multiple images in a viewable area that auto-plays and pick a transition between images that you like



A text box with a title and text area that you can pick the colors for and resize and reposition as you please


Search box

Easily insert a search box anywhere that searches for keywords in your site


Google Maps

Rediculously easy way to insert Google Maps, showing your business or address