Google is now warning people NOT to go to your website… if it is still made in flash.

You probably already know that Adobe Flash technology doesn’t work on iOS and Android 4.1 and higher. If you combine that with the fact that over 50% of searches in Google are conducted on a mobile device, the math becomes real easy: with a flash-site you miss out on half of the visitors. And it’s about to get worse. As of July 14th, Google shows a warning message within the search results that the website one is about to visit is made in Flash and will probably not work on their device. Clever of Google. They just want to please their users by preventing a possibly unpleasant experience. This is what it looks like: flash serp notice So, if you haven’t already converted your flash site to an HTML5 site, now’s a good time ;-)
July 20, 2014
Chris Vermeulen
Stuff Google Likes, Website Improvement, adobe flash, flash website
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