Have you updated your Twitter profile page yet?

If you use Twitter primarily on your mobile device, you might not have noticed, but Twitter has redesigned the way your profile page is shown to others. It now looks a lot like Facebook to make Twitter less intimidating and abstract to its 750 million passive users. You can (and should) set a large cover image. The thing is, Twitter re-sizes it. A lot. On big screens in stretches and on mobile it is cropped and re-sized. This makes it difficult to put text in it, because you can never really tell how someone will view it. Some area’s of the cover image can become invisible in some cases. Here is an interesting article on how to design your Twitter cover. For your personal Twitter page, you can create a cover that says something about you and gives a small peek into your life. For you business or organization you can either show the benefits of what it is that you do (Jamie Oliver can show great food) or you can show your target audience using your product. And I’m sure you can imagine a lot more you can do. But what ever you do, do it consciously. Second, the profile image is now 400×400 pixels. This is the image shown next to your tweets, so for your personal account, it should be a picture of you. Not of your dog or your baby. For your business or organization this is the perfect spot to put your logo. You can also put a tweet at the top if you want to showcase it. And, also cool, now your profile shows your favourite tweets. Make sure they are relevant for your followers. For instance, I could favourite some of Robert Heessels’ tweets or some of SwiftyLife’s tweets. You could do the same for your company’s tweets. On your company profile, you can favourite some of your own tweets or significant and relevant other tweets try this. Relevant to your followers that is ;-) Check out your own Twitter profile and see if you can make these improvements. And do follow us on Twitter :-) – Chris –
July 27, 2014
Chris Vermeulen
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