Do you know your own cellphone number?

You probably do, but I hear it all the time when I ask people their number. You know they have to look it up in their phone?! I guess it’s because they hardly ever call themselves, at least, that’s the reasoning I often hear. Makes sense. But isn’t it like that with your website as well? Have you visited your own website lately? I mean, as a customer. A visitor. And really looked at it from the perspective of a user. I’m afraid most of us don’t do that often enough. And when we do, it’s like we’re blind to what’s wrong with it, because we created it ourselves. Or at least we’ve seen it so often that, well, you just don’t see it anymore. Feel that way too? Maybe a fresh set of eyes can shed new light on your website. Maybe even come up with some suggestions or improvements. Well, as long as we’re here anyway, why not have a go at it? Just put a link to your website in the comments below or as a comment on facebook and I and some of the other readers will have a serious look at your website and give honest feedback. And then, you can return the favor. Sounds like a plan? I’ll go first: Don’t hold back now! Just tell me what you really think and then put a link of your website in and I’ll return the favor. Chris
February 11, 2015
Chris Vermeulen
General, Website Improvement, improvement, website
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