Did you know… that having a landline phone number on your site is important to Google?

Besides Google Search as we know it, there is a whole other thing out there called Local Search of which Google Maps is a big part. But it’s more than that, and we’ll talk about that in more detail in future posts. For now, I just quickly wanted to let you know that having a landline phone number on the contact page and/or footer of your site is really important to Google. Here’s why.  In a study Google published last may (’14), they discovered that 88% of people use their smartphone to perform a local search. And that is of huge importance to Google, because it also showed that those people prefer not only local results (restaurant, plumber, furniture store, etc.) but also local based adds. So, how does this ty in to your phone number? Well, to Google, your landline phone number is a very reliable indicator that you are truly located on that address. It can’t be a toll free number. It has to be registered locally. And when you want to claim your company’s Google Maps listing or try to move it to a different location, Google will probably call you on that phone number to verify your claim and listing. Yes, it is that important to them that it is accurate. At te very least, a person at Google will check your website and several registries to verify your address and phone number. So make sure you got it right. Not only for Google, but on most smartphones, a phone number displayed on we webpage is clickable and will start the phone call app. And with Apple’s Yosemity OS, and Skype, this also works on desktop more and more. Sure you can put a cell phone number on your site, but only as a second option besides your landline number. If being found on Google Maps and other Local Search results matters to you that is. And if there is more than one business registered on the same address, be it your own or if you are located in a mall or office building, make sure you have your own landline phone number listed on your site and not the one of the secretarial service everyone uses. You can redirect the calls to it, but it has to be your own unique phone number. Alright, I think you got the point :-) It’s important. Please check it and fix it if need be. – Chris –
July 13, 2014
Chris Vermeulen
Stuff Google Likes, Website Improvement, google, maps
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