How us visiting WordPress Meetups will benefit you

You may not know this, but every so often, all across the world, groups of WordPress enthusiasts meet each other to talk about all things WordPress. How to improve WordPress, how to improve long distance collaboration, how to build plugins or themes, how to reduce bugs and problems, and much more. And to top it all off, it’s really nice to meet each other in an informal setting. It’s what Ali B said on The Voice (of Holland): TEAM work means Together Each one Achieves More. And that really is the case when we talk to other WordPress professionals. Last year we visited WordCamp Netherlands in Utrecht, WordCamp Europe in Sophia and the local Meetups in Nijmegen and Tilburg. Next year we intend to visit all of these again and more. We’ll also visit LoopConf, a WordPress conference in Las Vegas. Yeah, WordPress is pretty cool ;-) Why? Because everyone brings a unique perspective to common or unique challenges we all have in our quest to unlock WordPress to the very large group of non-professional end-users. And everyone helping everyone benefits everyone. Even you ;-)
December 29, 2014
Chris Vermeulen
WordPress, Meetup, WordPress